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Penguin-Opoly Penguin Board Game Gift

Penguin-Opoly Board Game

$ 29.95

We all know about the timeless, classic game Monopoly and we know that in the past 20 years or so there's been all sorts of versions of that game using different themes, but could there be anything more fun than Penguin-Opoly?! We all love penguins, and in Penguin-Opoly all 17 different species of penguins are represented in clever, fun ways as you move your pieces around the cool and colorful penguin themed board. The properties range from the regal beauty of the Emperor Penguin to a downright wacky Rockhopper. Flip over the deeds and read interesting facts about penguins. Penguin-opoly is lots of fun with some smart penguin stuff thrown in! So grab a penguin and advance to Waddle. Penguin fun for ages 8 and up. 2-6 players. Made in the U.S.A.
Because of size and weight, Penguin-Opoly is not available for international orders.

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