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Noodles & Albie

Our fun and colorful Mom's Choice Silver Award winning penguin picture book is an 8" x 10" hardcover book with 32 pages and colorful illustrations. This children's book (ages 4-8)  is a fun penguin tale of adventure and friendship. It’s the story of a young penguin named Noodles on his very memorable first time at sea and his adventures when Noodles makes a wrong turn. This charming and imaginative story is set against a backdrop of 14 beautifully intricate watercolor illustrations that help bring the story to life.  Written by Eric Bennett. Illustrations by Liz Bannish. Purchase here.

Noodles & Albie is a winner of a Silver Mom's Choice 2014 Children's Picture Book Award.


"Noodles & Albie is a delightful book about penguins, friendship, and growing up that will be enjoyed by children of all ages. The charming illustrations bring the many adventures of Noodles to life. And, while following Noodles' escapades, children will also be learning about actual Emperor penguin biology and behavior. Two flippers up for Noodles & Albie!"
Dyan deNapoli – The Penguin Lady TED Talks Penguin expert and award-winning author of The Great Penguin Rescue
"Who doesn't love penguins? Kids of all ages will fall head over flippers for Noodles and his undersea adventure with his fishy friend Able! Charmingly illustrated with beautiful, detailed watercolors by Liz Bannish."
Michael Chesworth- Award winning illustrator and author or Alphboat & Archibald Frisby and Illustrator of Pippi Longstocking (Omnibus Edition)
"Liz Bannish's watercolor illustrations delight in Noodles & Albie's sheer cuteness. A sweet, fun story by Eric Bennett of penguins and friendship."
Gersh Kuntzman - New York Daily News

"Bennett and Bannish's debut is an adorable story that is beautifully illustrated.  A delightful read for penguin loving parents and children from start to finish."
Barbara Miller - Collection Curator Museum Of Moving Images

"Eric Bennett has written a very nice story about a young penguin growing p but fearful about learning to swim. When he finally takes the plunge, he meets Albie who becomes a lifelong friend and confidant. I believe you will see friendship bloom and also the concept of overcoming one's fear of doing something. All our children have fears of some kind and this book could be an avenue of discussion about your child's fears. Being proactive as a parent with childhood challenges is an opportunity to assist your children before they must produce the courage to move forward."
Dad For Divas (A Top 500 Children's Book Reviewer)

"This is a wonderful story about last friendship and growing up. The illustrations are a perfect compliment to the storyline and the illustrator's talent shines on every page."
Jude McGowan - Head Children's Librarian, Forbes Library

"Children's books need story, information, humor, and illustrations. 'Noodles & Albie' puts all of those factors to good use in the tale of an Antarctic penguin who enjoys his first ocean adventure--and the fish who becomes his best friend. 'Noodles & Albie' is a charming, colorful story about making friends and conquering fear. The book would make a delightful gift for any animal or fish-loving child. Adults will appreciate the information about penguins that follows the story, as well as the humor and creativity displayed throughout.   Tinky Weisblat - Greenfield Recorder

"If your child liked the classic The Caterpillar and the Polliwog by Jack Kent, he or she will LOVE this. It is a story of friends who change in different ways, but remain friends. A great lesson for kids to learn, especially if they are moving or going to a new school and have to leave a friend behind. In addition to that, there are excellent and interesting penguin facts, lovable illustrations, and a great design that can help kids read dialog as separate from the text. Noodles & Albie is the kind of story you won't mind reading over and over again."  Janice E - Simon & Schuster

"Noodles & Albie - Beautiful story and great illustrations make this a wonderful children's book."  Orchard Forsythia - Children's Book Reviewer & Blogger

"I love penguins, I love penguin books, and I love when I find a new, good penguin book. The penguin fan in me really loved that this book had the correct setting for penguins and included science about Antarctica. The author also included a penguin Q & A at the end of the book which makes this book easily cross-curricular. Then the story goes into a picture book version of a hero’s journey filled with a side kick and lots of adventures. The teacher in me loved the journey, the descriptive language (great verbs and adjectives such as sleepy, cranky, stammered, yawned), and that the dialogue was colored in blue. Then underneath it all, a friendship theme runs deep throughout. Overall, a fun picture book that would be a fantastic read aloud."
Unleashing Readers - Children's Book Review Blog

"When I was a young reader, I remember that as books became more complex, there weren’t any pictures on the page. This was always disappointing to me. I particularly like this book because I think it would make a great transitional text for young readers. There are a lot of words on each page, but the illustrations are filled with just as much fun and adventure as the passages of text. Like Kellee, I loved the possibilities for interdisciplinary connections in the end matter. Kids will be inspired to learn more about penguins after reading this book."
Unleashing Readers - Ricki's Review

"As a teacher, I think that this book is incredible! Set under the sea, this tale about friendship is great to read with a classroom full of children. There are plenty of characters (all different species of underwater animals), so it is easy to keep a lot of kid's attention with the use of different voices. There aren't any scenes that are truly scary, and there are several lessons to be learned, such as bravery, learning, trust, and friendship. There are so many activities to do with children that go along with/expand upon the story. I was able to write a lesson plan that fully encompassed all eight different intelligences, and all four different types of learners. BUY THIS BOOK! Give it to friends, family, or teachers! Everyone is sure to love it!"
Erica Sanders - Teacher, Worchester Massachusetts