Noodles' & Albie's Mermaid Parade (Independent Press Award Winner / 32 Pages, Hardcover)

Noodles Albie Penguin Picture Book Mermaid Parade Coney Island Children&
Noodles Albie Penguin Picture Book Mermaid Parade Coney Island Children&

Noodles' & Albie's Mermaid Parade (Independent Press Award Winner / 32 Pages, Hardcover)

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Noodles' & Albie's Mermaid Parade is the third fun penguin picture book in the N & A series, and a silver award winner of the Independent Press Award.  When Noodles & Albie overhear Jon & Ken (a pair of penguin researchers) on the Antarctic Ice talking about Coney Island, the amusement park and the annual Mermaid Parade the day before they set off for home and the parade, they convince Jon and Ken to take them along and they all embark on a 6000 mile sea adventure, stopping in the Falkland Islands and meeting other penguins (King Henry and Rocco Rockhopper) who join them, saving an oil tanker from grounding on rocks thereby averting a huge environmental disaster, and eventually making it to Coney Island just in time for the legendary Mermaid Parade.  The book is a 32 page, 8.5" x 11" hardcover book, with 16 illustrations by Paige Monte. This book is for children between the ages of 4 and 8, and of course parents will love it too.  Written by Eric Bennett, Illustrated by Paige Monte


Bennett (Noodles’ and Albie’s Birthday Surprise, 2016, etc.) delights and instructs with this third amusing escapade. The penguin species’ personalities come through; the oil tanker rescue is satisfying. Debut illustrator Monte provides appealing, softly shaded images that depict expressive animals and a diverse human crew.  Heroism, humor, and penguin facts mix nicely in this pleasing Antarctic-to-Brooklyn tale.     Kirkus Reviews:


"The enchanting prospect of a Noodles and Albie adventure to Coney Island, meeting new types of penguins along the way, and finally a Mermaid Parade, with charming illustrations = fun from start to finish"                                            Bottom Shelf Reviews

"Noodles the penguin and his fish friend , Albie, set sail from Antarctica to Brookllyn in the humorous third installment of the Noodles & Albie series.  As usual Bennett gets in plenty of good jokes that both kids and parents will enjoy." Booklight Reviews

"Another charming adventure of Noodles & Albie. As someone who helped manage the rehabilitation of penguins that had been caught in an oil spill, Eric Bennett's latest book makes me wich that this adorable cast of characters could have been there to help avert that disaster!  Way tp go Noodles & Albie!"         Dyan deNaploi, The Penguin Lady - penguin expert, TED speaker and Author of The Great Penguin Rescue.

"Noodles' & Albie's Mermaid Parade takes readers on a wonderful adventure from Antarctica to Coney Island, with lots of fun stops along the way."   Unleashing Readers

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