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Emperor Penguins Mug (large 15 ounce size)

Emperor Penguins Mug (large 15 ounce size)

$ 13.95

Looking for a new cool, large size penguin mug to mind your mettlesome hot beverage?  Look no further.  Our Emperor Penguins Ceramic Mug will not only keep your coffee in its place, but it will also enhance what once was an average cup of Joe into a unique penguin lovers experience.  Coffee not your cup of tea?  That's OK - the mystical imperial powers will instantly upgrade whatever liquid you choose to drink from this awesome penguin mug.

  • LARGER SIZE: The over-sized 15 ounce design allows for less frequent trips to the coffee pot.
  • UNIQUE ARTWORK:  Makes you look like intelligent penguin lover first thing in the morning.
  • EASY TO USE:  Just tip and sip!
  • DURABLE & DEPENDABLE: Dishwasher & microwave safe ceramic - your go-to mug every time.  

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