Our penguin collectible figurine collection includes some very special porcelain penguins, penguin statues and penguin figurines.
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    Bejeweled and Enamel Penguin & Baby Figurine Box (3" Tall)
    Penguin Gift Shop
    $ 49.95
    Grand Piano Playing Penguin Figurine (2" Tall)
    Penguin Gift Shop
    $ 34.95
    Penguin Figurine Miniature Gift Glass
    Paige Penguin Glass Figurine (1" Tall)
    The Penguin Gift Shop
    $ 4.95
    Penguin Piano Player Figurine Gift
    Penguin Upright Piano Player (2" tall)
    The Penguin Gift Shop
    $ 29.95
    Penguin Rockhopper Figurine
    Rockhopper Penguin Figurine by Safari (2" tall)
    The Penguin Gift Shop
    $ 5.95