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The Penguin Post Office DVD (60 min)

The Penguin Post Office DVD (60 min)

$ 12.95

In the heart of the Antarctic Peninsula there's a unique British post office staffed by a dedicated team and surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery that includes 3,000 Gentoo penguins.
Every summer, this particular colony of penguins returns from an intensive spell of deep sea fishing to its breeding grounds alongside the post office, trekking nearly two miles across sea ice and snow to get there when the weather is especially bad. They rush to find a partner, build a nest, lay eggs and protect those eggs from predators, and then finally get down to the task of raising their young.
We see their four-month drama unfold against the backdrop of their lives - primarily, the comings and goings of cruise ships, bringing enthusiastic tourists to photograph the penguins and their chicks and to buy postcards to send to friends and family around the world - from the Penguin Post Office.
(DVD) approx. 60 minutes. Widescreen