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The Little Penguin Book

The Little Penguin Book

$ 15.95

The Little Penguin in this delightful hardcover edition written by A.J. Wood and Illustrated by Stephanie Boey for grades K through 2.
A newly hatched Emperor penguin wants more than anything to look like his tall, strong father. But when his own fluffy gray feathers start to fall out, Little Penguin is sure his wish will never come true. It takes a long ocean journey and some gentle words of wisdom from his mother before he realizes that he has become what he most wanted to be after all. Nature lovers of all ages will delight in the captivating illustrations and the reassuring story about growing up. On every page of this 9" x 9", 22 page book, lavish embossing illuminates the frosty beauty of the Antarctic setting and adds intriguing texture to the feathers and footprints of the creatures that live there.

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