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Penguin Grow Head Toy Gift

Penguin Grow A Head (4 1/2" tall)

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Coconut fiber heads that grow hair/grass when watered. Each Penguin Grow-A-Head is 4.5" tall, handmade and will vary slightly. Just add water and wait a couple of days as our Penguin Grow-A-Head begins to sprout and grow real grass hair. In just a couple of days, you'll watch in wonder as the grass begins to grow on top of your penguins head, and from there you can begin to style the grass do which ever style you like. Keep it trim it or let it grow wild! Give it an grass-fro, a Beatles mop top, or make it look like Larry from the Three Stooges! Makes a great gift for any occasion and is fun for school, office, dorm or home. This kit includes a penguin head with wick, a glass vase, and an instruction sheet with educational information. The Grow-A-Head will grow in office florecent light or indirect sunlight and will continue to grow for approximately two months if watered and nurtured. The penguin measures 3" wide x 4.5" high before it grows hair. After the hair starts growing, who knows.

Also, note for the classroom that the Grow-A-Head demonstrates several scientific principals and organic processes such as absorption, condensation, germination, transpiration, and photosynthesis.

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