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Penguin Glow Night Light

Penguin Glow Night Light

$ 24.95

This very unique little penguin is something we've never come across before. The little classic looking plastic penguin standing on an igloo base is five inches tall. It has a metal rod going up from the base into the penguin and an on/off switch in the back. When plugged in, turn on the switch and the rod will glow orange (as pictured) and with the lights out the entire belly will glow a soft orange..
When you turn it off the penguins belly will glow a soothing white for a bit. A very cool penguin night light that you can place just about anywhere in the room and not be tied to just being in an electrical outlet. As far as we can tell the rod does not heat up or if it does it is not noticeable. Very unique and in excellent first rate working condition.

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