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Penguin Family Hologram Cube ( 3" Tall)

Penguin Family Hologram Cube ( 3" Tall)

$ 27.95

Our penguin hologram cube is a wonderful, timeless piece of art. A penguin family with icebergs and the moon behind them are in 3-D on every side. Each side you look through is a different perspective of the family. If you look through the top, you'll see the top of the penguins and if you look through the bottom (which has a colorful spectrum) you'll see the penguins feet. This 3" x 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" solid glass piece is simply the best penguin paperweight / piece of holographic art you've ever seen. Pictures cannot do this piece justice. Makes a great gift for the person who thought they had seen it all when it comes to penguins. Comes gift boxed.

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