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Penguin Chick Waddle Earrings

Penguin Chick Waddle Earrings

$ 13.95

Our adorable Penguin Chick Waddle Earrings will undoubtedly be the cutest things to ever dangle from your ears. Nothing in nature is cuter than an Baby Emperor Penguin and nothing in jewelry is cuter than Baby Emperor Penguin earrings that actually waddle from your ears. The 3/4" tall chicks are hand crafted and painted by Left Handed Studios, with sterling silver, hypo-allergenic one inch long ear-wires. The penguins head and body are separate pieces that are connect via a hinge that allows the penguins body to waddle a bit when you move. Adorable, cool and a penguin conversation piece all in one. Made in the U.S.A.

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