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Paula Skene Penguin Family Christmas Card

Paula Skene Penguin Family Christmas Card

$ 7.95

Our Merry Christmas Penguin Card by Paula Skene is about as fancy as a penguin Christmas card can get. The exquisite, multi-color, deeply embossed designs of Paula Skene make for an extraordinary holiday card. Created from hand-cut brass embossing dies in the designer's Bay Area studio, this card exemplifies the highest level of artistry and craftsmanship. Adorned with a decorative and colorful happy penguin family decorating their tree stamped in gold foil on Stardream paper. The 5" x 7" card is like a gift itself and would is surely a keeper.
Innovation and beauty are the hallmark of Paula Skene's award-winning designs. Paula uses embossing and foil stamping as an art form.
Each design is hand-carved into a brass plate. The raised areas of this card represent the carved areas of the brass plate. Paper is placed between the two dies. Using heat and pressure like a waffle iron, the paper is pressed into the recessed areas of the plate.
Color is achieved by stamping foil onto the paper prior to embossing. Where there are several colors of foil, each must be applied one at a time and all of them must be in register with one another.
All designing is done in Paula's studio in San Francisco, and all production is done on her presses to assure you uniform high quality.

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