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Mr. Penguin Pool Thermometer (12" Tall)

$ 29.95
 For measuring your water temperature, Poolmaster's Mr. Penguin Floating Character Thermometer adds fun and pizazz to your pool or spa. The soft molded material features design details, like bow tie and buttons, that bring the character to life! Mr. Penguin sits on top of a 1-inch diameter tube-style thermometer body that features an alcohol-based indicator with large, easy-to-read display all housed in a 360-degree shatterproof lens. The base of the thermometer is lightly weighted to ensure that Mr. Penguin is sitting upright in the water. A polyethylene cord is included.
  • For measuring the water temperature in a swimming pool or spa
  • Waterproof character made from soft-molded PVC with custom detailing
  • Large easy-to-read display is housed inside of a 360-degree shatter proof lens
  • 1-inch diameter tube-style body features alcohol-based indicator solution
  • Reads maximum high temperature of 120 degrees F, and 50 degrees C
  • Polyethylene cord included
  • Weighted to sit upright in the water


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