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African Penguin Plush (18" Tall Life-Sized)

African Penguin Plush (18" Tall Life-Sized)

$ 22.95
Our Life Size Blackfoot Penguin Plush is a wonderful representation of the beloved and endangered African Penguin.  At 18" tall, this finely detailed penguin is so close to the real thing you may think you're on the beach in South Africa.  Most African Penguins are between 18" - 24" tall, so ours is a bit on the smaller end on life size African penguin spectrum, but there's plenty penguin to love non-the-less.  Plus, this penguin is a bit more fuzzy and soft than your average penguin in the wild.  Like all our Penguin Plush this African penguin meets or exceeds all US standard for safety and materials.

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