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Elegant Musical Penguin Goose Egg (6" Tall)

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Our elegant, musical penguin figurine is made from a real goose egg and is elaborately hand decorated. The outside of the egg is painted with glossy enamel that resembles marble, as well as black enamel. It's detailed in gold plating and rhinestones. Standing in the center, on a white velvet base decorated with pearl beads. The egg opens at the base and also turns and plays "You Light Up My Life when wound up at the base. This is one of the most unique and elegant penguins we've ever offered.
Eggs are a symbolf of new life, blessings, and new beginnings, and originate as a part of Easter Celebrations. When the Aristocracy and Czar Alexander, in Russia, began comissioning Peter Carl Faberge' to bejewel and decorate eggs for gifts, the fashion spread throughout Europe, and has remained a strong tradition to this day.
The egg and base is approximately 6.25" tall. Comes in a perfectly padded gift box.

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