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Chill Bill - Penguin Baking Soda Holder (4" Tall)

$ 14.95
Our classic and cool Penguin Baking Soda Holder adds some penguin coolness, not to mention freshness to your fridge.  No filters required, simply add some inexpensive backing soda to Bill and he happily adds freshness to your fridge.  Completely safe, Chill Bill adds a touch of adorable elegance to your fridge and being a penguin, of course he loves the cold.  Also, he's sturdy rubberized plastic, making Chill Bill tough and able to handle dropping, banging, spilling, squeezing without a scratch, and he's easy to clean.  Just make sure to say hello every once in a while when you open the fridge.   4" Tall. Comes gift boxed.

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