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2018 Penguins Calendar (18 months - Browntrout)

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Our 2018 - 12" x 12" (opens to 12" x 24") by Browntrout is 365 days of penguin perfection. Highly social and native to the cold regions of the Southern Hemisphere, penguins are flightless seabirds with wings that have evolved into paddle-like flippers, making them superior swimmers. With their cute waddle and tuxedo markings, penguins are a delight to watch. This square wall calendar features Chinstrap's, Emperor's, Adelie's, King's, Gentoo's and Rockhopper's.

This calendar includes a 6 month (July - December) 2017 planner page, so get yours early! Calendar includes Holidays, moon phases, image captions with locations and other information, the highest quality photography and more!

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