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Priscella Wind-Up Swimming Penguin

Priscella Wind-Up Swimming Penguin

$ 4.95

Priscilla the Swimming Penguin is one of many Z Wind Up toys that have re-introduced the simplicity and innovative design of toys! No batteries, electricity or high technology is needed to run these wonderful wind ups - they'll put a smile on the face of those young and old. Made of translucent plastic so you can see the inner functions of your wind up, Priscilla the Swimming Penguin is 8cm (2 1/2") long and will be an instant classic with your family.
Riding high on the crests of waves and crashing into the "beach," Priscilla is one of the most daring penguin ever to take to the seas. Priscilla swims around kicking her legs, as her her wings flap up and down, propelling her through the water. So make bath time fun with Priscilla the Swimming Penguin!

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