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Penguin Loofah Scrubber

Penguin Loofah Scrubber

$ 6.95

This 6" long penguin may be the coolest way ever to do your dishes or for that matter just about anything you need to clean (including you). The non-scratch fibers are safe to use on wood, glass, porcelain, tiles, china, stainless steel, copper, seasoned cast iron, counters and stove tops, appliances, microwave ovens, cooled down grills and all delicate non-stick surfaces. Made of non scratch fibers, the loofah used in these scrubbers is naturally grown and processed.

To clean, just rinse, squeeze and hang to air dry -- always stays fresh.

100% Natural Loofah
100% Natural Vegetable Dye Coloring

Size: 6" tall x 3" wide

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