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Kotobuki Japanese Penguin Tea Set (3 piece)

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Our three piece Kotobuki Penguin Tea set is unique, hand crafted penguin earthenware at its best. The 5" tall penguin tea pot includes its own metal filter screen for tea steeping. The set also includes a pair of 3" tall tea cups for that intimate tea party for two. Kotobuki is a brand and style of Japanese made ceramics that are produced in several different regions of Japan: Mino, Seto, Yokkaichi, Mashiko, Soma, Tokoname, Shigaraki, and Iga. Each area is represented by the traditions and innovations of select Japanese kilns, using raw materials, glazes, shapes and production methods which differ subtly and are often unique to these regions. Intertwined with Japan's history and culture, these ceramics are produced by skilled craftsmen, many of whom have obtained their expertise and technique through years of training. A good portion of Kotobuki's production processes are still done carefully by hand in order to ensure the highest quality and sensitivity to design. Technology has also allowed modern machinery and computers to contribute by increasing efficiency and adding new dimensions to finished products, thus, integrating the best of classic and modern craftsmanship. Each set comes gift boxed.
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