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Penguin Onesie, Romper, Baby, Clothing, Gift, Chill Out, Red

Chill Out Penguin Onesie (2 Sizes)

$ 12.95

Having penguin clothing for babies and children is a time-honored tradition here. When we see some cute penguin design, we can't help but think, "boy, that would look great as a penguin onesie!" This particular red penguin onesie is made of 100% cotton. It comes available in three sizes, so no matter what age your little waddling bird is, they can get in on this adorable bit of penguin clothing and chill out. And for those bedtime moments and older penguin-lovers, check out our new kids' "Chill Out" red penguin coveralls and penguin pajama sets. Sizes:   L 12-18 months, XL 18-24 months.

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