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Penguin Plush Towel Kids Pillow Blanket Gift Toddler

Penguin Cuddly Toddler Pillow / Blanket (30" x 45")

$ 19.95 $ 21.95

This soft 9" tall penguin is a true multi-tasker: He can be a pillow, a blanket, or even an adorable stuffed penguin toy. Bring your cuddly penguin on plane trips, road trips, camping, bedtime or to any place where you or your child might be chilly or in need of a comfy penguin pal. The penguin blanket folds up and is secured with a velcro strap and opens up to a nice size 30" x 45", it's a sweet gift to give to kids and since he comes in a perfect penguin black he's cool for both penguin loving boys and girls would love having him. Babies will go for him as well. Made of very soft, comfy and washable polyester.

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