Playful Penguin Race

Image of Penguin Race
Our penguin race is an all-time classic penguin toy will liven up any room full of kids or adults. Yes, this is the same timeless Penguin Race technology from when you were a kid, and yes this is the same Penguin Race featured in the Baby Einstein, Baby Beethoven and Baby Mozart Videos. Sturdy, lightweight, timeless, fun, dependable, mesmerizing and easy to maintain, as well as a great penguin conversation piece. Recommended for ages 4-94. All you need is the help of one D battery (not included), and then sit back and watch your trio of penguins climb the stairs only to slide down, then repeat again and again and again.  Our kids love it! Sometimes they watch, sometimes they switch the penguins around, sometimes they'll put them on the stairs backwards. The options are endless. Our kids love this and we're sure so will yours.  Watch our penguin race in action NOT AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING