Rockhopper Penguin Plush by Conservation Critters (10" tall)

Image of Rockhopper Penguin Plush

Our 10" tall Rockhopper Penguin Plush Conservations Critters by Wildlife Artists does Rockhopper penguins and their fans everywhere proud. Made of super soft materials with the perfect amount of stuffing this is a wonderful, detailed plush penguin.  Of course there's the cool Rockhopper eyebrows, and soft, fine golden hairdoo,  great looking feet and beak. There's even a subtle bushy, black Rockhopper tail in the back. Like all our Conservation Critters this quality stuffed plush penguin is made from high quality, all new kid-safe man made materials and meets or exceeds all U.S. and European safety standards. Surface washable; for ages 3 and up.