Penguin Pocket Pal Pillow (14" Tall)

Image of Penguin Pocket Pillow

Here's an adorable looking and very soft penguin pocket pal pillow. The nice size 14" x 10"x 4" pillow is perfect for travel or home.  But wait, there's more. This embroidered penguin pillow comes with its own cute little 8" tall plush penguin snug in a front pocket.  Think penguin meets kangaroo.  The penguin is removable so your little penguin lover can lay their head on the pillow and snuggle with the penguin pocket pal.  Then when the nap is over they can put the penguin back in the pouch.  Just when you thought penguins were cute enough, along comes this. The material on the pillow and plush meets or exceeds all U.S. safety and material requirements.