Plush Penguin Baby (8" tall)

Image of Penguin Plush
List Price: $8.95

No need to head all the way down to Antarctica to see our adorable 8" tall Emperor Penguin Chick Paddles by Aurora.  This little cutie maybe afraid of the water, but he does have the softest of gray plush fur, with a black head and a downey soft white chest. Secure black and white beaded, color lock, washer eyes look past the black vinyl beak, and let's not forget the black vinyl feet for waddling.  Who knew that nature and Aurora could conspire to make Noodles so cute?  Like all Aurora plush Paddles is made from high quality, all new kid safe materials that meets or exceeds all U.S. and European safety standards.  The surface is washable.  Recommended for ages 3 and up.